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Zenonia 2 which is named “THE LOST MEMORIES” is available here and you can get it for free. An action-packed RPG full of the thrill is back with its second part and upgraded features. Developed by Gamevil and released in 2010. 

Zenonia 2 Mod Apk

The storyline, the graphics, the gameplay even everything of Zenonia 2 modded is on point for your combat. All levels are challenging. This modified form will give your some special features like;

  • Unlimited money
  • Free to download
  • Unlimited skills
  • Unlimited gold
  • No ads


Now the story begins with four heroes that are assigned on a mission to fight against the evil dragon Ladon. After the first part that circulates around the story of regret, it’s more interesting. Due to the evilness of the leader, the people of this land are facing problems like corruption, killing, etc.

Zenonia 2

But there is a plus point to remove all this iniquity if anyone will be able to find four gems Ladon will be jailed. So all you have to do is to save your people by finding four gems!

How To Play?

Four characters are there for you to choose from. These four characters are Daza, Morpice, Lu, and Acne. Join real-time combat and be ready to defeat the Ladon.

  1. Daza is a melee class warrior (high speed-low strength)
  2. Ecne is a ranged class shooter (low defense-high attack power)
  3. Morpice is a ranged class magician with magic attacks
  4. Lu is a melee class paladin (high defense-low attack power)

Choose from these characters each with a special feature and attacks. Move your hero with the controls of your virtual pad screen.

Zenonia 2 Full Version

Yes, Gamevil is giving action hacks and epic games to its gamers a very entertaining game to pass the time. However, no matter how many fun and exciting games the developers come up with, it is the best one. There is nothing that will let you down by playing this. Tons of character customization, from class to appearance, to modifiable stats.

There are different modes to choose from if you want to play normal and simple choose normal mode if you like the hard progression of the game, you have to plan your build ahead or you might see yourself stuck in between levels.

Zenonia 2 Download Android

One of the best actual story RPGs out there for Android. Smooth graphics and fast gameplay. Zenonia 2 is an action and suspense RPG with hidden side quests and cool characters.

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zenonia 2 gameplay

This is a good game for Zenonia 1 players, this has a lot of tasks and has so many adventures for you. You have to kill monsters and monster generals too, at the end of it you have to defeat the Ladon so download it now and most importantly it’s an online game. Controls are easy also. Download it now.

Zenonia 2 APK Download

Press the link below, allow installation from unknown sources and here you go. Android 1.5+ and up requirements are made for the download process of Zenonia 2.

Zenonia 2 App Store

The game keeps on crashing, and due to glitches it is removed from the play store most of the time it won’t let progress to the user to the next area, but you can download it from this site. No charges, no in-app purchases.


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