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Zenonia 1 is the first part of an RPG action-packed game released by Gamevil in the Zenonia series. A game full of thrill, action, excellent story, and full of revenge is here. It was released in 2009 and became famous in very little time. However due to some reason, it is not on the app store or Google play but doesn’t worry you can get its upgraded versions like Zenonia 3,4,5 and in case if you need 1, get it free from this site with a fast download.

Zenonia 1 Mod Apk

The classes are all fun to play (even though blader is best let’s be real), the music is great, it looks good graphics are retro, and surely you will like this game. It’s fun. Play it. If you have a bit of knowledge about the Zenonia series you will enjoy it better.

Zenonia 1

Get unlimited gold in this Zenonia modded app just like mini militia 4.3 5 mod apk unlimited and double your fun. In this way, you don’t have to work to get gold and unlock items, just get your unlimited gold get set, and go on your mission!


This story is of a boy whose name is Regret, he is in search of the killer of his DAD. He is your hero, you have to guide him. Fight many battles against monsters, do tasks, and succeed in your mission. 

Zenonia 1 Apk


Let’s talk about its gameplay;

Monsters will be on your way, save yourself and fight like a hero. Take your controls get set ready and go on your task. Enter into a world of fantasy where you can carry the character which you want. Choose from a lot of characters each has its own specialties and features. To unlock all characters, gold is required. So there is a question how can you get this gold?

Simple all you have to do is to complete your tasks, earn daily rewards and go through difficulties to compete with these evil monsters. Progress will be required to reach from one area to another. Polish your skills and go through hurdles don’t give a chance to these monsters to win. Overall this is one of the best action RPGs you will ever experience.

Additional Information

NameZenonia 1 Apk
 RequirementAndroid 1.5+
 Last version1.2.0

Zenonia 1 Android

Controls are good for everyone, the storyline has great depth, and the feel of the game is really interesting and unique. You will enjoy retro graphics.

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What a gorgeous action RPG! tto download zenonia 1 android click the button on the end. The artwork and storyline are beautiful! This game is like that to bring back those good feelings of the old days! Back when anything was possible and happened accordingly! The game looks great to try it out! It runs very fast, very smooth! Player control is there, sometimes the thumb pad can get a little tricky! Above All! This game is excellent! It doesn’t matter if you are a “new player” or “old player”, if you’re looking for a really cool action RPG, you’ve found it!

Zenonia 1 Modded Apk

Here is the Zenonia 3 mod apk basically it is the next version of the form Zenonia 1 Mod Apk. Let me tell you what is a modded app?

A modded app is the cracked version of the original app in which you can have some special features like unlimited gold, gems, coins, gems, and levels unlocked.

Get Zenonia 1 mod unlimited cash and acquire a chance to gain gold and skills unlocked. Gameplay is as simple as that of the original game just different in features.


  • Unlimited gold
  • Skills unlocked
  • Retro graphics
  • It-Free to download

Download Zenonia 1 APK

Get Zenonia 1 with a fast download, it will take just a few minutes to download on your phone then you can install it on your device. Has all the best RPG qualities that one looks for.

Zenonia 1 Free Download

Download Zenonia 1 free from this site, it is 100% working, has no glitches no ads, and is safe to download. All levels are challenging.

Zenonia 1 iOS Download

Download Zenonia for ios also. The gameplay is smooth no lag stuttering plus the most intriguing and interesting storyline and the characters are good too.

Zenonia 1 Not On App Store

Happens too with almost all of those great Sega games that vanished from the store.

My best advice, get a cheap refurbished 3-4 years old Samsung tab that’s still in Jellybean or Lollipop to play those games.

Or search for websites to get these games, also download Zenonia 5 mod apk from this site with a fast and free download.



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