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Traffic Rider is motorbike gameplay by Soner Kara. A very famous game with about 7.2M downloads and 4.4 ratings on Google Play. This game is still in the trending games of 2021-2022.


This play game is a bike game, which contains different heavy bikes. It’s a riding game in which you have to control the bike from getting hit while riding from traffic around. And your best saves and managing to protect from vehicles at high speed gives you credit, from which you can unlock characters.



Reviving yourself is also an option the game gives. While you get hit, you can rescue to come back to the game from the same point and continue. But this it acquires much gold to reappear. Only people with much gold do it.

Traffic Rider

You have to change the lanes on time to save the bike from heavy traffic that will be in front of you and other routes. Once a motorcycle gets hit, we will start again from zero points.
In Trafic Rider Apk, we have to keep focus to save our bike, which gets a tough time over time. We need to speed up the motorbike to earn money and cash. The more refined we ride taking close calls and speeding up, the more cash we will be able to achieve.

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Sometimes you don’t expect the bike for a near miss when you line up four vehicles horizontally, with little or no space to maneuver. And also brake the speed immediately to allow movement.
It’s as if the game is programmed to dent good records at some specific levels.

Note: It is not easy to earn gold.


The points given are according to the speed and expertness a user plays the game. This game consists of a lot of superbikes. The developer locks these superbikes.
These bikes are open and free when a player scores a lot of points playing the game and doing his best to earn cash. While looking for a better bike, you have to scratch more points more to unseal them.

Unlocking Bikes/Levels

Unlocking Bikes are the level of this game. The more money you get more you head towards completing levels and unseal Motorbikes and other items like engines, stickers, and silencers.


At the next level, you go there will be a bike for you with better Handling, Power, and braking system. And those bikes will be costly as well. So, One has to spend a lot of time to get them.
Also, you can decorate your bike however you want. You can design it with different artwork available in the game. You can also customize the bike by giving it tyres, muffler, and engine of your own choice.

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There are more than 70+missions in this game with online leader boards. You need to achieve the missions to be on the top.


Traffic Rider has HD graphics, so the player will love it as experiencing a combination of HD quality graphics and the most acceptable audio. The illusion of this game is enough to influence the gamer to involve him in-game. The pixels of this game are immense. Weather factors and other objects’ colors are mostly gamers fall in love with.

Traffic Rider mod


Another good thing is that this game is not laggy or glitchy like most of the other games. It has the finest quality of everything. Thus, this game is addictive for the user.

Offline Mode

This game has an offline mode which means it requires no internet, and the user can play while he has no internet connection.

Night Mode

This game is among some unique games which have night mode in them. The graphics of this game in night mode is also substantial.


There are two methods of control. Either you can use screen buttons to hold the powers of the bike, or you can use sensors if your mobile supports a tilting sensor. You can also manage the accelerator according to you. You can use brakes whenever you want.


Another best thing is that it has not only superb visual graphics and sound quality but also no cost to pay. This game is free just like the call of duty zombies apk free; you don’t need to pay anything to play this game.
All you need to do is to log in with any of your accounts to play this game
Required Ram and Space.
Installing this traffic rider apk game needs a version of android lollipop five or higher, 80 MB of Free Space, and a minimum of 1GB of RAM is required.

Mod Apk Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider Mod is the modified form of Traffic Rider Game. Thus there are changes made for the preference of the gamer.

In this version of the game, the gamer will be having limitless gold, unlimited money, and most of all bikes he can open to play with them.

Unlimited Bikes

There are almost 29 bikes in this game which includes Ags 4F,KWS RH2,SK 1200,ZZF 1400,CBN 1000H,SH1000Z,GSK 1300,SK 1200,GX 1400,HD FXT,TOMA and many others.

You can purchase these bikes with the vast money, Given to you in the MOD APK game. You can customize it according to your choice.

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Unbounded Revives

With extensive gold, a player can also revive again and again and continue from the same point. It means Mod apk games also allow you to have limitless comebacks.

Traffic Rider Apk

The Apk version of this game is the same biking game that you will find in the play store. While playing the game, you need to manage the bike not to get smashed.


What is Traffic Rider Mod Apk?

Under normal conditions, you have to unlock missions and have to score great to get all of this stuff. But in MOD apk versions these are all already opened for the user. Traffic Rider Mod Apk are the moded or old versions of simple games that have contained all the things unlocked and unlimited for the users such as bikes or lives.

What's new

First-person camera view
29+ motorbikes to choose from
Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
Detailed environments with day and night variations
Career mode with 70+ missions
Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
 Support for 19 languages



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