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Here is a complete guide on characters and locations for the summertime saga Apk go through this, also interact with a download link for the app.

Summertime Saga characters

Summertime Saga is a visual novel with a lot of characters, many of whom are all part of the same family. You can play through the story on your own, but if you want to be able to understand all of the references and inside jokes, it’s good to know who everyone is. Summertime saga mod apk is suggested for you to unlock all the characters.

This is a list of main characters, character profiles, and their roles in the game Summertime Saga. We will discuss each of them briefly;

Main characters

Summertime Saga characters are the main characters in the game. They are mostly teenagers and young adults who have their own personalities and backstories.

Summertime Saga characters

characters include:

  1. Bianca: A girl who is trying to get her life back on track after a bad breakup
  2. Bobby: Bianca’s ex-boyfriend, who left her for another girl
  3. Brittney: Bianca’s best friend who has been trying to help her get over Bobby
  4. Danny: A boy who lives next door to Bianca, and he’s very interested in her
  5.  Summer McCool. She’s a teenage girl who lives in a house with her father and brother, Braden.
  6.  Braden McCool. He has an interest in computer science and builds bots for the game “Summertime Saga”. He also has a crush on his sister like most brothers do.
  7.  The Mother. She’s dead! But she still gets mentioned sometimes because she was important to both Summer and Braden when they were growing up.
  8.  The Father (or “Dad”). He loves his kids (especially Braden) but he also has weird feelings about his personal life as well as his relationship with Summer (which isn’t what either of them wanted).

Role of characters

Summertime Saga is a game about a girl named Victoria who gets kidnapped and has to escape from her kidnapper, whose name is Robert. She escapes her prison by climbing out of a window and she goes on a quest through a magical forest to find out why Robert kidnapped her in the first place.

Summertime Saga

Victoria is the main character of Summertime Saga. In this game, she’s only 15 years old but she’s already been through so much! She was kidnapped once before by another man named Rasmus and she escaped from him too! Now she wants to know why Robert kidnapped her, because he keeps saying that it wasn’t his fault and that he had no choice but to kidnap her because he needed money for his family. Victoria doesn’t believe him though, because if he really needed money for his family then why would he kidnap someone else’s daughter?!

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Robert is Victoria’s kidnapper in Summertime Saga. He used to be friends with Rasmus but then they had some sort of falling out which resulted in Robert kidnapping Victoria twice now! She doesn’t know what happened between them but after talking more with Robert about why he did what he did, she starts believing that maybe there was something else going on other than just needing

Summertime Saga is a game developed by Patrick and Gina Murphy. It is set in a fictional town called Santa Luma, where players can meet various characters that are closely connected to the main character of the game, Brielle.

Brielle is a young girl who lives with her father, who works as a scientist at the local research facility. She has a pet dog named Blue, who is also her best friend. One day, Brielle gets kidnapped by aliens and finds herself on another planet. There she meets new friends and enemies who help her find her way home while also facing their own personal problems along the way.

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Character profiles:


A young girl who lives with her father in Santa Luma; she’s very shy but loves playing video games with him when he’s not busy working on his science projects. She has blue eyes and long brown hair that she usually keeps tied back in a ponytail when she isn’t at school or hanging out with friends after school hours (mostly because it gets in the way when playing video games). She likes collecting cards from different parts of town (especially ones from antique shops), reading books about ancient civilizations (especially ones about Egypt), and eating donuts from

Summertime Saga characters


A 16yearold girl who likes to play games. She plays the role of the protagonist in this story.


A boy who is one of Summer’s best friends. He is a high school student and plays the role of the protagonist’s boyfriend in this story.

Beach Koopa:

The game is set in a fictional town called Beach City, where the main character lives with his family. The main character is named Beach Koopa, but his real name is Kokichi Omae. He is an ordinary boy who enjoys spending time at home playing video games or just hanging out with his friends. He also loves to draw manga comics about himself and the people around him.

Beach Koopa’s father

Beach Koopa’s father is an artist who loves drawing comics about monsters from outer space coming down to Earth to take over all life forms on our planet! One day Beach Koopa finds out that his father has been kidnapped by aliens who want him to join their team so they can destroy all humans!

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App Info

NameSummertime Saga MOD APK

Summertime Saga Locations

Summertime Saga is a game that can be played in several locations.

  1. The first location is at the beach.
  2. The second location is on a camping trip.
  3. The third location is at the swimming pool.
Summertime Saga Locations

Summertime Saga is a game where you play as a teenage boy who has been kicked out of his house. You have to find a way to survive in this strange new world, with the help of your friends and your own wits. The game is a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) book, but also has elements of roleplaying games (RPGs) and adventure games. You can play it on your computer or on mobile devices like phones or tablets. This article will tell you where all the locations in Summertime Saga are.

The first location is Summerfield High School, where you start the game. It’s located at 3200 West Gower Avenue in Hollywood, California (on Earth). After graduating from high school, you move into an apartment with two friends: Kyle (a trans man) and Billie Blythe III (a cis woman). The apartment is located at 325 North Hallandale Beach Boulevard in Miami Beach, Florida (also on Earth).

Summertime Saga is a game that has lots of exciting locations you can visit. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The Beach
  • The Park (This park has a great playground!)
  • The Beach Shack (This shack sells cool things like ice cream and swimsuits!)
  • The Beach Shack’s Back Room (You can buy new swimsuits here!)

Summertime Saga locations are a great way to get your hands on some very special items.

Guide to locations:

Here’s a guide to all the Summertime Saga locations in the game:

Beachside Bungalow

This is where you’ll find the first two chapters of the game. You can also unlock a new room in the house by completing Chapter 2. You can buy furniture for this room from the store.

The Beach

This area is unlocked after you complete Chapter 3, and it has its own set of tasks that can be completed by talking to characters and finding objects around the beach area. This is a beach that you can visit during the summer season (June through August). It’s located on the west coast of Candy Kingdom, so be sure to visit if you’re ever in town!

The Forest

This area is unlocked after you complete Chapter 4, and it also has its own set of tasks that can be completed by talking to characters and finding objects throughout the forest area.

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Candy Kingdom

This is where you start the game. It is also where your house is located.


This is a location that has a variety of games for you to play. You will find it in the Candy Kingdom and in other places as well.

Summer saga Download Apk

Summertime saga has a wide range of locations and characters. The story is unique and cool for a simulation game as well as it is popular among players. Here is the download link you can get it free of cost with a fast download;


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