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Probably, there is no need for an introduction for the character we know as Sonic Sega announced this character in 2013, and till now, sonic is one of the most famous games for consoles. Now, as mobiles have come into our lives, sega launched this for Android.

On Android too, it’s a game that you can play for hours and have fun. This game lets you play the different characters acquiring coins, freeing animal friends, building a home for animal friends, and upgrading powers in due course.

Sonic Dash

The mod apk lets you play the game with all characters unlocked. You will have unlimited rings and unlimited money to do upgrades. You can play all the levels without having to buy them to open them. You can find hidden easter eggs during the game. If you want to download the original mod apk for the sonic dash, then you can see the download link here. Please beware that some sites give mod apks, but they are either fake or have hacking scripts written in them so download only from our site.

Sonic Dash APK

With the advent of 3d technologies, the basic idea of this game remained the same which is to collect coins and kill the creatures while running and missing the hurdles on the way to the finish line, but now it’s in a 3d constructed arena.

When the character succeeds in killing a creature, either with the help of a dash or with the help of a temporary shield which the player acquires by running into the power boxes, it frees animals.

These animals can then be used to build homes for them and to unlock different characters. During all levels, you get to complete tasks, and in return, you get resources or power upgrades or resources such as diamonds, and redstart coins.

You can buy these resources from the sonic dash store to upgrade powers and unlock characters or levels.

This game has HD eye-catching graphics and animations which can glue the user to their mobile device for a whole day. You will have an exceptional gameplay experience and will not disappoint.

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This game has music and SFX sounds which are not a burden for the ears but give a perfect and entertaining effect. Music is upbeat and goes with the gameplay experience of the game. You will thoroughly enjoy the game visually and sound effects-vice. Also Check Joy Pony PC

Sonic Dash Characters

The sonic game has some different characters to play with. You can unlock them by acquiring animals and building their homes.

Then you can enhance their powers by spending coins that you receive during the course of the game. Every character has its animal friend, and Sonic kills the creatures to free these animal friends to make them their homes.

  1. Sonic the hedgehog
  2. Knuckles
  3. Amy
  4. Charmy
  5. Tails
  6. Vector
  7. Shadow
  8. Jet
  9. Cream the rabbit
  10. Blaze the cat
  11. Silver the hedgehog
  12. Espio the chameleon
  13. Big the cat
  14. Classic sonic
  15. Rouge the bat
  16. Andronic the Android
  17. Metal sonic

Prize Wheel

This is a feature in the game where a wheel is spun to win different things.

You can use this feature to win power upgrades or resources. You get a free spin every 6 hours, or you can use red star coins to spin more. Some of the things you win in the wheel turned are dash boost, diamonds, spring boosts or even characters.

Sonic Dash the Game


  1. Mushroom Hill Zone
  2. Sky Sanctuary Zone
  3. Temple Zone
  4. Green Hill Zone
  5. Beachside View

In-game powers:

All the characters mentioned in the above section have different powers, and you upgrade them to enhance your sonics. And by upgrading these powers by spending coins, you can earn XP.

Dash boost:

A high-speed boost that lets you blast through obstacles. This power lets the character dash through creatures and obstacles and finishes the level without dying on the way. A dash bar at the bottom of the screen fills as the story progresses. Upgrading this power further lets the dash bar fill faster.

X2 multiplier:

This power is used to double any points earned during the game.

 When you complete a level, the points you earn during the game are doubled at the end. Upgrade this power to make the x2 multiplier last longer.


Attract nearby coins. Upgrade to make magnet last longer. This power attracts nearby rings to the character for a fixed time, and by upgrading this power, the circles are drawn to them for a little longer time. Protection against damage.


This power is used to protect the character when it collides with creatures or with obstacles. Usually, when the sonic collides with either creatures or obstacles, it dies, and the level is finished.

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Then you have to restart the level or start from the colliding point by watching an ad or spending diamonds. But with a shield, the character is protected for a fixed time, and by upgrading this power, shields last longer.

Head start:

Start with a dash boost.

This power lets the character start a level with a dash which kills the creatures and destroys the obstacles on the way but for a fixed time.

By upgrading this power, the character has this power for a longer time and can collect more coins and free more animals.

Sonic Dash APK IOS

Secondly, there is no mod apk for ios, and if any site is offering the ios app, then it is undoubtedly fake, and you must not download it. Only the android mod apk is available which you can download from the link given here.

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