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As you might already know by now the game is based on the Dreamworks animation movie franchise How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD). While the game falls behind in several areas like graphics and controls it manages to deliver a fun and addictive experience.

App Info

App NameSchool of Dragons Mod Apk
Size93 MB
Latest Versionv3.19.0

Get Into World Of School Of Dragons

The game is not a full-fledged MMORPG but it does have an online mode that you can use to socialize with other players, recruit them for quests.

The game is 3D based with Dragons taking up the entire screen while you take control of a Human. The graphics are good to an extent but they are not on par with PC MMORPGs like Wartune or Dragon Raja.

However, if you look at other mobile games like Dawn of Titans you’ll find the graphics to be better. The game has a day/night cycle which is pretty much useless because there are no quests or events that require you to wait for specific times.

Enjoy New Addition To Dragon Tactics

The control scheme is not intuitive especially if you have played other mobile MMORPG’s like Dragon Raja or Wartune (which both use virtual joystick controls).

The game makes you use both your thumbs to control the character by swiping up or down. This doesn’t work too well especially if you are facing enemies which require you to move left and right for attacking them.

Newly Added Features

  • Unlimited money
  • The Seastormer dragon flies glides into campus
  • All premium features unlocked
  • Brand new themes are added
  • Infinite coins
  • No ads

Its Time To Practice Your Teaching

The storyline is simple, there isn’t much of it but I’ve heard that there will be future updates with more content. For now, you are the son of the village chief, your dragon just hatched and it is time to go to training school.

The game has a quest-hub where you can accept quests that have you running around the map fighting monsters or collecting items for NPCs.

There is no PVP mainly because the game doesn’t allow you to attack other Dragons. However, there is a dragon arena where you can fight against AI dragons and win Dragon eggs and items that you can use on your character.

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You’ll find the usual MMORPG aspects like an equipment shop, cosmetic shop and etc.

School Of Dragons Unlimited Gems

The game also has special events where they give you bonus resources if you complete them within the given time frame. Also, get unlimited gems in this modded version.

The social aspect is optional but it’s nice to have a friend or two by your side when completing quests. You can also recruit other players for help or trade items with them.

The Community is active and friendly, not much in the way of communication but I’ve seen helpful people who’ll be more than willing to help.

Review of the Game:

Graphics 8/10, Controls 5/10, Storyline 6/10, UI 7/10, Social Aspect 8/10, Community 7/10

Is the game worth it?

Sure it is, especially if you love Dragons and MMOs then this game will be right up your alley. The game has potential but currently falls behind in several aspects like graphics and controls, but that’s just me being picky. I’m hoping they’ll fix these issues soon enough so everyone can enjoy



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