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In major updates, all games have been changed from the original version to another version. But in the new update of Rolling Sky New Version 8, some things were added and many bugs were fixed.

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App NameRolling Sky
Version3.4.5 (Latest)

Rolling Sky Full Version

In this version also roller skates were added which make the game a little more interesting.

Rolling sky is a popular game that has been played worldwide by tens and millions of people and some modifications and new versions were made for this game.

Roller skates are a new thing that has been added to this game in its new 8th version.

This version also includes lots of cool stuff like previous versions included; we can find many fingers while playing this game, which makes it the player more difficult to play it perfectly.

We can also use bombs which make the game easier to play, but at very high levels there is no safe zone; so it becomes more difficult to play.

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Rolling Sky Gameplay

Rolling sky new version has one additional feature which makes this game different from other games and that is roller skates.

Roller skates are used while playing this game by using the left click of the mouse. Roller skates are not available at all levels, but they are used when required.

Tiny wings and obtuse geometry will challenge you in rolling sky new 8–the newest version of the popular rolling sky puzzle game.

The solution to this puzzle lies in getting a small round character safely to home base by landing on platforms at just the right angle. Getting there is half the fun, though, as players learn to navigate through elaborate mazes of platforms, spinning saws, and other obstacles.

Rolling sky new 8 adds several elements to this classic game, including multi-colored platforms and switches that change the direction of spinners.

There are now multiple spinners–small blue ones that stay in one place wherever they are left, and red ones that will move until they hit a wall or other obstacle.

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Rolling Sky Mod Apk All Levels Unlocked

So there is a secret in the world of rolling sky new version. Do you have any idea? If not, why don’t you try it by yourself?

Rolling sky new version 8 is an improved version of its previous versions. It has many features which have been added to make this game more interesting and more difficult to play. But it still remains popular among players because of its easy controls.

The 32nd version of the rolling sky is one of many puzzle games developed by game company Fupa. Rolling sky new 8 is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. For the Modded app, click on the download button and enjoy all levels unlocked.

New Features

  • New level with a variety of new terrain types
  • Advanced physics engine
  • Improved graphics and audio
  • Level sharing capability

Download it for free on iOS and Android.

How To Play Rolling Sky?

  • During the gameplay you must jump from platform to platform without stopping, otherwise, it will kill you. You can move left or right but not both at once; momentum is conserved.
  • Hitting a wall or the floor ends your turn instantly; gravity is constant (no jumping or floating). There are no power-ups in this version, but you can get a new background if you get enough stars.
  • Conversely, rotating the board for gravity’s sake is allowed because Angular Momentum (Euler’s Theorem) doesn’t care about friction. There are no power-ups in this version, but you can get a new background if you get enough stars.
  • Your goal is to rotate and land your character on specific platforms.

Download Rolling Sky Mod Apk

The game was developed by Burning Jumping Mouse studio for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.  It is available on Google but non modded download it from the given button below for mod apk.


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