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The game has very nice graphics, which you would expect when playing a game that is quite big. The girls look very cute and the graphics, in general, are great which makes it a joy to play!
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App NameMoe Girl Cafe 2 Mod
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The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to understand for players who have played sim games such as this before. The tutorial at beginning of the game is also very helpful and explains the basics of playing Moe Girl Cafe 2 quite well.

In this game, you have to set up a cafe, from scratch. But not just an ordinary cafe, it is a “moe girl” themed one! You have to decorate the place in order to attract moe girls who’ll visit your cafe and help it grow by doing so.


  • 20 cute girls to interact with
  • 6 minigames you can play against the girls
  • Time travel system which will help you change the day and night around your cafe
  • Unlockable cutscenes when developing a romantic relationship with some of the girls
  • This game is free to play
  • This game contains advertisements

Earn Money

After all, visitors will leave you some money when they’re pleased with the service, and you can use this money to expand your cafe and add new elements such as games or cute plushies.

Pretty Environment

But aside from that, there is a pretty novel element in Moe Girls, which makes it different from other sim games: you will have to take care of girls and their babies! If you don’t, they will leave and never return: so keeping the girls happy is of utmost importance if you want your cafe to prosper.

IP System

You can also develop a romantic relationship with some of the girls visiting your cafe, which has an Influence Point (IP) system that lets you unlock cutscenes with them and increase their affection towards you.

Karma System

There are other features as well, such as a Karma system that will unlock specific events based on your karma level, and a “time travel” feature to change the time of day around the cafe.

Tutorial At Beginning

The game is available in Japanese only at the moment, but don’t worry: it’s very simple to play even if you don’t know the language! Just click on the menu to open it, then click on a feature you want to use and follow the tutorial.

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The game is free as of now, but later it will have some optional in-game purchases available.

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Graphics And Sound

The game has very nice graphics, which you would expect when playing a game that is quite big. The girls look very cute and the graphics, in general, are great which makes it a joy to play!

Enjoy the sound effects in this Moe Girl Cafe 2, but if you don’t you can simply switch them off by going to your phone settings. The sound effects are also pretty good and fit nicely into the game.

Download Moe Girl Cafe 2 Mod Apk Free

I am sure you all know of the very popular cafe simulation game by now, but did you know that there is a sequel to it that has been released on android?

Well, if not I will fill you in! In this new version of Moe girl Cafe 2, you get to play with some lovely moe girls who work in your cafe and help it grow bigger by being there every day!

You have to go around decorating, playing games with them, or just cleaning up so that their happiness level is maxed out in order for your visitors to be happy as well.

If you want some more money, however, you will have to with them to earn some money. This however will only work if you have enough IP with them, which you get by doing things like flirting or having conversations with them!

If you want the girls to stay longer in your cafe instead of leaving all the time, then make sure they get what they want by spending some money on things they like.

Do you want to earn some more money? Then make sure your girls have a cute baby! The new version of the Moe Girl Cafe has been improved from its predecessor in various ways.


This is really just another cafe simulation game with some extra things added to it, it does however give you an interesting take on relationships.

It has plenty of cute moe girls that you will enjoy looking at during the game and it has some nice sound effects, so if you’re looking for a new simulator game then I recommend giving this one a go.



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