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An epic role-playing game offered by Gamevil. Build a superior strategy to get victory in Kritika Apk.

Kritika The White Knights Gameplay

Experience an electrifying action RPG against the monsters. The only objective is to destroy to persist. There are evil monsters you have to finish with the epic powers you carry. 

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Dominate others in PVP battles where players come from worldwide. Raid the boss with the guildmates. Show your moves against foes to overcome them.

Save yourself from their attacks as you will drop your power after each attack. It will require time for you to make a win against your opponent be alert and try to destroy them in a given time. 

You can practice your special actions against your opponents, it’s amazing that every character has its unique power different from others.

Experience a game like no one other! You will assign your pets to keep your side and make you powerful. Play in Arena mode, Versus mode, and Melee.

Kritika The White Knights Characters

There will be some fabulous characters in the Kritika Mod Apk;

  • Flame Striker (flaming attacks)
  • Blade Dancer (phantom sword)
  • Lina (flames and spear)
  • Strike Archer (gives long and fatal damage)
  • Steam Walker (splendid kicks)
  • Halo Mage (powerful fire and magic)
  • Monk (use fists and magic)
  • Mystic Wolf Guardian (extreme lightning skills)
  • Ice Warlock (frost magic attacks)
  • Burst Breaker (can break battlefield with single strike)

and many more characters with ultimate powers are there for you to battle and make a victory.

Kritika White Knights Mod Apk

No need to spend your real money as Kritika Mod Apk contains all items unlocked for you. Free items are ready to enhance your skills. 

This game is so cool and addictive. Fair monetization model, unique characters, fun gameplay, and tons of great content.

It’s worth download. More levels and more characters will be there for you after every update.

Kritika Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

Get unlimited gems to unlock different characters and items. It requires time and intelligence to be strong and even it is not pay-to-win for players. To be strong, you have to spend time on it and it makes it different from other games out there that just rely purely on auto-battle. 

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Kritika Mod Apk Offline

This is an offline game. Great game so far and the graphics and gameplay are phenomenal for being mobile, it’s easy to level, and controls are simple to understand the maintenance rewards are a great achievement of course. The game controls are good and the gameplay is awesome. 

Kritika Mod Apk Android Republic

The fast support center also will take care of your problems in this game. Plenty of stuff to do to keep you busy, a lot of ways to customize your character.

Try the real-time PVP of other games and you’ll see lots of battles! 

There is a huge learning curve to learn what goes where and how to farm/use which resources where. The graphics are amazing, also the sound design from the soundtrack to the actions, to the interactions is well made and cohesive. 

Kritika The White knights Apk Download

Legit F2P system. Events are very generous and login/event rewards will keep your character growing. Controls are good especially there are only a few RPG games that have dodge button in the controls

balance the acquisition of both Super and Ultimate Awakening stones so that it wouldn’t take too long to max out the characters’ skills. 

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