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Get ready for the most exciting race of your life! Do you have what it takes to become the champion?

Joy pony Apk iOS

The joy pony game is a new game for iOS devices. In this game Joy Pony meets with obstacles that he has to go over and jump, with joy. There are many levels for you to enjoy and you can also customize Joy Pony’s appearance!

joy pony

The Joy pony is geared toward children who love to play games. This particular game is all about ponies and you will get to control the character throughout this adventure. You need to help her manage her problems and restore happiness in her life again. To play this app, all you need is an Android device running on Android 4.0 ICS or later versions. Download it for PC also Joy pony Pc download


The Joy Pony is a fantastic horse-caring game. Take good care of your new pet – feed him, water him, brush him, and more. The more you care for your pony the more he will trust you and be happy with you!

Joy Pony is a fun game for young girls that lets them create, share and play with their own horse. It comes with wonderful horses, over 300 accessories, landscapes, and more.

Play with this pony and have fun, there are many kinds of beautiful scenery and places to choose from. You can play different games on different levels if you like. There are many ponies and such as unicorns, pegasus, alpaca, and more than 40 kinds of new fresh colors that need you to meet! And you can customize yourself with the pony to be a more fashionable lady!

Play on iPhone and iPad

   You’ll find plenty of fun in Joy Pony! This is a game with ponies that you can play on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download the application now and enjoy it

joy pony download

Have fun with this cute pony game for iPhone and iPad. Groom the pony, dress up and decorate it, and paint it any color you like. Feed him carrots and make sure he eats enough to stay healthy and happy. There are also toys to play with, including a jumping horseshoe that goes higher every time!

The game consists of a big collection of pony-themed levels, where the player controls an assortment of powerful flying ponies through a series of landscapes and obstacles. The goal is to collect all the glittery happiness on each level, by carefully guiding the pony through its route with swipes and taps on the screen.

  Download Joy Pony App Free For Android (Play Online)

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A captivating and addictive baby care game for babies and toddlers! Feed, play and bathe this cute baby pony – learn the animal sounds of a horse and many other things.


  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Amusing graphics
  • Play with all JoyPony characters including unicorns, pirates, and more!
  • 3 different ponies: boy pony, girl pony, and Unicorn (pink) pony.
  • You can mix any 2 ponies on one screen to create a unique-looking baby pony: boy+girl or boy+unicorn.
  • One unicorn can have different colors! Or use as many ponies on screen at once as you like.
  • Take a photo of your own animal pet, or use one of our perfectly designed baby ponies available.
  • Like a real animal pet, your little ones will feed, bathe and play with their very own baby ponies’ character in this amazing animal caring game for young children!

Joy Pony App

Let’s roll! Get ready for the most adorable animal race ever! Choose your favorite character and set off on an exciting adventure. Use different items to get ahead of the competition, or race fair and square. Whatever your strategy may be, make sure you don’t run out of steam! Only by getting all achievements will you be able to unlock a special new level with even more challenges.

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Joy Pony is an adorable and addictive game! Your mission is to save a bunch of sweet baby ponies, who are trapped in the clouds. Tap the screen to make pony jump, earn points, and unlock new characters.

All you need to do is tap the screen to jump over obstacles and collect the stars, pick up power-ups on your way. Keep in mind that these cute ponies will not always choose the shortest way and it’s up to you to take care of them!

Joy pony is a game full of life colored with joy, happiness and fun. The goal of this game is to play with your wonderful pony as much as possible, earn points and unlock all the great achievements.


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