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Let’s make something good happen this year! This holiday season, come together in the spirit of neighborly giving on a global scale and join us in our “Play for Trees” event.

When you revive trees and bushes on Hay Day, you will help preserve 1 million trees in the Lake Kariba region’s majestic and critical ecosystem.


Help your neighbors and your planet!

There is a Kariba forest, a wild expanse in southern Africa located along Lake Kariba; its protected area connects four national parks; eight safari reserves create a giant biodiversity corridor.

The vast forest is located there, home to a breathing array of animals and significant ecosystems. Kariba is a thriving biodiverse neighborhood, and the heart of its community is its majestic trees. The trees sustain all life here.

Protecting these trees ensure they stay stand and continue to support the diverse ecosystem. This land is also been home to millions of people inhibited near the Zambezi River bank for centuries.

These communities work together to protect their homes from unnecessary deforestation by introducing sustainable practices that ensure a harmonious relationship with that land and forest.

With help from the Lake Kariba project, deforestation can prevent the balance between people and nature from returning. A balanced ecosystem is a global effort.

As a good global neighbor, let’s add their efforts by protecting one million trees in the Kariba forest. We can work together to make our home planet a clean and better place.


  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited seeds
  • Unlimited gems
  • Grow and customize your farm
  • Trade crops and fresh goods
  • Fulfil your orders with truck or steamboat
  • Build your town and welcome visitors
  • Spin your lucky wheel and get gift cards daily
  • Watching ads will give you diamonds
  • Unlock roadside shop at level 7
  • Join the community and make chat
  • Steal agricultural produce


Hay day is still the most famous game you find on the internet. This gameplay is set like other Farm city and Green farm games.

Hay day online:

Its players should note that it is an online game. Your smartphone or PC needs a data connection or a Wi-Fi network to play as it is an online game.

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Hay Day’s game capacity is also smaller than many other farm games. This gameplay does not consume much equipment resources and also doesn’t affect the speed of access.


Collection of eggs

The first duty in Hay Day pop gameplay is the collection of eggs. The method is simple. Chickens are your primary friends that a performer owns.

You have to touch and operate at the chicken coop and drag the basket onto every chicken to get eggs. Chickens will eat on the spot when they are hungry.

You have to grip and drag the chicken food icon over each chicken to fill them. Then it will have the ability to lay eggs for us to harvest. Initially, the match will give you some chickens.

Your field on Hay day will routinely honor guests. It can be a farmer, a next-door neighbor, or your mates.

The player has to tap on these figures to see what they speak. Your first Hay Day visitor will ask you to describe and name your farm.

Harvest and buy items

If you want to purchase anything for your farm, from cattle and poultry to barns, fences, trees, buildings, and decorations, you can access Hay Day’s online store in the lower-left corner of the game screen.

The bakery is the initial item you must buy for your farm. Start an online store in the home building part, pull the bakeshop icon to get a bakery, and put it in a proper place on the farm.

It should be in the middle of the farm to promote research and harvest at the best time. Tap on the toaster symbol, then drag a cake into the oven to bake.

And it would help if you had sufficient wheat to prepare this. Hay Day Apk does not exchange seeds like other farm plays. The number of sources will increase after each level.

Farm expansion

Then purchase a feed mill to create food for the animals on the farm. Then touch the machine and then drag the chicken food icon for further processing.

A player should take five minutes for this stage. The chicken feed includes corn and wheat collectively. From level 6, cow feed will unlock.

Hay Day will provide you 6 plots of land for capital, touch each plot, pull in seeds, and wheat to sow seeds will grow.

It’s time for the harvest to drag the seeds into each box to plant seeds in bulk, harvest food in silos, and use it for various jobs such as food processing for livestock and poultry, making bread, and selling by order.

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Level up

Hay day Mod Apk will value orders in gold coins and blue stars, representing expertise tips for you to level up.

When there are plenty of blue stars on the level bar, level up, and you will receive the rewards of gold and diamonds.

Leveling up is very important; it will help you open more new items and get rewarded.

You can do various farm activities through level up, such as harvesting eggs, planting crops and harvesting, producing food for livestock and poultry, baking bread, and purchasing more items.



Hay Day Mod has a 3D field simulation manner. The game has clear, eye-catching graphics that build homes, plants, and pets charming, producing a feeling of a light show for players.

Hay Day’s performance is moderately cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy. Hay Day is visually charming and will keep your inner agriculturalist giddy for times.


The background melody of Hay Day is smooth and friendly, very suitable for the gamers of the Hay Day game. If you are a huge follower of farm simulation-type games, the Hay Day apk will make you feel satisfied and well.


  • Most excellent field ever! Hey! Welcome to Hay day online game, the most successful farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries. Hay Day has 5 million five star reviews on Google Play!
  • Hay Day apk is a record-breaking farm game that counts up to 20 million global, interesting gameplay for its performers. No farm game has a higher number of players than Hay Day.
  • The game support for Android and iOS programs enables you to download the game Hay Day to experience the wonderful farm game within the links below.


  • Size 136.0MB
  • Install 100 000 000+
  • Rated for 3+ years

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You can download Hay day App from this website by clicking on the link given above the description.

Click on the download button and then press the install button to enjoy the marvelous features.


A land at which you will manage your farm as a reliable and skilled farmer and socialize with your friends. Water and raise plants, plant new, and get your harvests.

You will be able to sell fruits and vegetables to collect awards, which you can extend more. There are impressive specialties like conversing with neighbors, visiting neighbors’ houses, and many more.

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What's new


  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited seeds
  • Unlimited gems
  • Grow and customize your farm
  • Trade crops and fresh goods
  • Fulfil your orders with truck or steamboat
  • Build your town and welcome visitors
  • Spin your lucky wheel and get gift cards daily
  • Watching ads will give you diamonds
  • Unlock roadside shop at level 7
  • Join the community and make chat
  • Steal agricultural produce



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