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Fort conquers mod apk is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS devices. The objective of the gameplay is to build and upgrade castles, train troops, and attack the opponent monster’s castle to gain Victory Points (VP).

APP Info

Name:Fort conquer Mod Apk
Size:24.97 MB
Android version:2.3.3 and up

About Fort Conquer

There are two main types of castles: city and field. city castles give 20% more VP than field ones. Every castle has a specific amount of resources (coal, iron, stone, and gold). Castles produce a certain amount of these resources per hour. Resources are used for building buildings in your castle or upgrading buildings.

There is a total of 6 barracks to build: archer’s hall, infantry hall, cavalry hall, siege workshop, forge, and academy (unlocked at level 14). Each barracks gives different units that are trained to attack castles.

Units are also categorized into types: infantry, cavalry, and special units. Different monsters have different attacking strengths and HP. Units can be upgraded using resources for better damage output and HP which makes them more effective in defeating others during combat.

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Epic Combats

There are four main types of combat: castle rush, spy battle, siege battle, and multiplayer battle. In castle rush mode you have to attack the opponent’s field castle in order to win the game.

Spy battle is a multiplayer mode with troop limits. The troop limits depend on how many troops your opponent has in his/her village. In siege battle, you have to attack the opponent’s city castle to win the game.

The multiplayer battle is another type of fight where you can attack an opponent’s village with random players around the world.

Skills are abilities that give a boost to damage, movement speed, hitpoints, etc. There are 4 types of skills: Common Skills, Castle Skills, Clan Skills, and Hero Skills. Every troop has the same amount of skill slots. There are 8 common skills that can be purchased with gold coins while castle, clan, and hero skills are purchased using diamonds.

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30 Troops Types

There is a grand total of 30 troop types in the game: 4 siege machines, 8 infantry units, 6 cavalry units, and 10 special units. You can view all troops by clicking here.

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Join A Clan

In fort conquer mod apk there are thousands of players online at any given time. You can join a clan or start your own. The only prerequisite is to be at least a level 12 player and have a city castle built already.

Real Time Battles

Clan wars are real-time battles between clans where each member of the winning clan gets a certain amount of trophies after the battle. The more trophies you have, the stronger your clan is and the better rewards you can get from clan events.

Features Of Fort Conquer Mod Apk

  • 6 different types of combat
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Unlimited Money/gems
  • 30 different types of troops
  • 30 troop trees
  • 120 crowd-control skills
  • 40+ production buildings
  • 70+ resource mines, quarries and farms

Fort Conquer Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

In the fort conquer mod apk there are four currencies: coins, diamonds, gold coins, and points. Coins are used for upgrading monster production times while diamonds are used for speeding up construction and unit training times. You get gold coins from finishing the mission and by sending peasants to mine gold. You can get points by attacking other castles or clans that have lower levels than you.

There are five resources to gather: coal, iron, stone, gold, and food. Coal is used in crafting units while the iron is used in building buildings in your village. Stone is used for upgrading buildings while gold is a premium resource that can be obtained from the market. The last one is food which can be earned by sending peasants to work at farms.

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Final Words

The main objective is to attack castles and loot resources. You accumulate resources over time by building farms, mines, and quarries. There are also events where you can win rewards like food, iron, gold coins, etc.

What's new

  • 6 different types of combat
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Unlimited Money/gems
  • 30 different types of troops
  • 30 troop trees
  • 120 crowd-control skills
  • 40+ production buildings
  • 70+ resource mines, quarries and farms



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