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Brave Frontier is a new and immensely enjoyable turn-based RPG in the vein of classics such as Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea.

In this article, we will guide you through the essential aspects of this game, including a complete review.

Brave Frontier Leveling Guide

Early Game: This is where you will start your adventure in Brave Frontier. Here, you will be led through an extremely simple tutorial that will show you how to recruit and level up your heroes (known as Units in this game).

You can then progress past the tutorial and go to the first map where you will be able to complete your first missions. There is only one map available in the early game, so it’s a good idea to stick to completing all of its missions before progressing.

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Mid Game: After clearing out all of the available maps (all of which can be found within ‘Missions’ -> ‘Mission List’), you will have already unlocked your first few R&D levels.

At this point, it’s important to understand what the player needs to do so as to progress through the game smoothly.

Here are a couple of tips for you: The first one is that you should try and constantly upgrade your weapons, armor, etc. by using the Bonus Exp.

Brave Frontier Level Rewards

Chests that you get as a reward for completing missions. As an alternative to this, you can also farm R&D levels – but make sure to check out all of your available maps first, as there are some better options than others at this stage in the game (for example, try clearing out ‘Missions’ -> ‘Mission List’ -> ‘5-1’).

The second tip is to complete all of the available Trials (found in ‘Missions’ -> ‘Trial List’) since they reward you with a good amount of money and some nice rewards.

Brave Frontier Ultimate Weapon

Moreover, you can also try to speed run through these by killing off your party members if your party’s total levels are high enough (which is yet another reason to upgrade your weapons!).

Ultima weapon will be the best, a iron blade that holds magical power is your best source to win. Collect it and get set on to Brave Frontier’s next levels.

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And finally, the last tip is that you should spend some time quests & bounty hunts – here you can find daily missions and bounties that will reward you with a large amount of EXP.

Brave Frontier Best Units

Brave Frontier Tier List
Brave Frontier Tier List
Brave Frontier Tier List

Brave Frontier Team Building

With spectacular aesthetics in terms of gameplay, music, and voice acting – but with a rather generic story.

Gather a powerful team that will support you. Brave Frontier will transport you to a world where you will recruit heroes to fight for your cause.

End Game: Once all of this is done, you will unlock the Map called ‘Worlds Collide’ – this is where the real fun begins. At this point, you will be introduced to a new gameplay mechanic.

These allow you to progress through the game by having your strongest units clear out waves of enemies and bosses and collect as many items as possible. Moreover, you can also unlock access to all items.

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