When Will Disney Plus App Be Available For Download?

Disney is gearing up to release their own Netflix competitor, called Disney Plus. We know the launch date is set for November 12th, 2019 because it has been officially announced by management.

What we don’t know is when exactly will it be available for download on our devices?

Well, one way to find out the answer is to look at what other streaming apps have done in the past.

Apple, for example, released their Apple TV app and iTunes movies and shows on November 1st, so we can guess that perhaps Disney Plus will be made available one week before the launch date? Only time will tell.

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Since it’s a brand new download, they want to make sure they release an original and high-quality app for our users. You would want the same if you were developing Disney Plus.

disney + download

You will have to wait a bit longer for a download, but it will definitely be worth the wait. We know this because we have been in contact with people from within the development team, which told us that they are taking their time to release an app that will provide their users with a high-quality experience.

Of course, there was no other way to get this information because Disney hasn’t made any official statements yet about the upcoming release of Disney Plus. If they have already started working on an app then it would be nice if they announced it so we could all relax and enjoy the release.

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After all, it’s an app that is meant to compete with already established streaming services, which are by far the most popular ones in the market. Netflix has over 100 million subscribers while Hulu hasn’t revealed their exact numbers but they are estimated to be between 20 and 30 million. Disney Plus won’t have an easy task ahead of them when they release their app.

But this won’t stop them from trying it though, which they indeed are doing by spending $75 billion on content for the first year. This includes 7 original movies and 8 TV shows. They also have some pretty big names attached to their productions like Marvel, Pixar, Muppets, and Star Wars.

They aim to spend $2 billion on Marvel and Star Wars content, which is exactly what Netflix spent to produce its original MCU series. They will also release 3 or 4 original movies per year, with budgets ranging between $80 million to $100 million.


As you can see there are a lot of fan-favorite titles that Disney Plus could implement in their app for their users to enjoy. This only means one thing: competition is going to be stiff. But it will be quite an accomplishment if they manage to beat both Netflix and Hulu combined, which we believe is a possibility at the moment.

Expected date for the release of Disney plus

All we need now is for Disney Plus to be available for download on our mobile phones and tablets and for them to deliver on their promise of releasing the most amazing original content for their users.

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They have yet to come out with an official statement so all we can do is wait for this important piece of information. But it will be available, you can count on that! We surely hope that it’s ready before March 12th because that’s what they announced so far.

What will be in the update of Disney+?

When exactly will the Disney Plus app be available for download on your devices, that’s the big question. The answer is at least one month before launch, which means you can expect an announcement within the next few weeks if not days! It all depends on how fast they are at developing it and what kind of problems they encounter along the way.

We know for sure that they started working on it and we believe they are still in the very early stages of production, but even if it will be available for download only one day before release, we expect it to work like a charm. By then, you can also bet that all bugs and errors will be fixed.