Whatsapp has become the most powerful chatting app in the world. Now, WhatsApp is a need for every mobile phone. It is used for all purposes like chatting, messaging, business updating, and many more. Users can send communicate with others by message, voice notes, uploading and receiving videos, voice and video calling. But to upgrade its features experts launched GBwhatsapp to improve its qualities with more features.

It supports all those features which a user wants such as a view deleted statuses, view Gps location, and the most important is to send and receive large files. You will be notified who is online. These are some features provided by GBwhatsapp that a common WhatsApp does not provide. Let’s come to know about its premium features. You can have the GB Whatsapp Download 2022 on your phones easily.

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Unlimited Themes and Gifts

This feature is different than simple WhatsApp and there are many advanced features added in. You can quickly change your themes or Background with unlimited new and advanced themes. You will be able to change your keyboard themes. And to make chat more effective, there are many stickers and gifts added to it. GBwhatsapp has a modified version that is anti-ban.

Read Deleted messages

GB Whatsapp added a more advanced feature that is to reading chats and messages which are deleted by others. It will show the deleted bar with the text. This is the best way to read anyone’s chat that notifies you this is deleted. This feature is not available on simple WhatsApp.

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Large files sharing

The most important feature of GBwhatsapp is to send and download large files. You can share large size photos, videos, documents, and games. It works quickly and also receives in a while. Simple WhatsApp does not support this feature. And before sending you can edit these images with effective filters.

See deleted status and download

If you miss any status that has been deleted by the user. Gbwhatsapp will help to see deleted status and show that this status has been deleted. Another important feature is that you can download every status of the user with original quality and also can mute their statuses.

Set Auto Reply

We are disturbed by notifications while at work or using the phone. And want to block notifications that could be important. Here, I am going to talk about the amazing feature ‘Auto Reply’. Set an auto-reply through the auto-reply option and it will reply to your notifications which you saved in it as a text.

Call Recording

Voice and video calls through Gbwhatsapp are fast, free, and safe. But a user wants to record important calls. Gbwhatsapp can help you with its unique recording option. You will be able to record your calls without any problem. It is simple, free, best, and secure.

High-Quality Video calling

The main important thing in a video call is High-quality resolution. This feature provides us with HD video calling which is faster, better, and totally safe from malware. About the user’s experience, it remains the original quality that a phone camera provides.

Gps Location

Gbwhatsapp added a new feature in it that everyone wants. This facility is GPS location, Gps location helps us to view the other’s Location by requesting his permission. Once, he allows and you will always see his location. Also, you can share your location and make a better experience.

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Backup and recovery

The backup option is available to save data if it is deleted. You can set it to recover data after deleting and uninstalling the app. It could be set on your Google drive and secured completely. To recover that you can select the recovery option or google drive to set in your chat.

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By reading this article you will experience that Gbwhatsapp is better and helps us to make fast communication between our dears. It is better than a simple WhatsApp and fulfills our requirements. Because I prefer it on others and using it for a while. It depends on your choice, work, and experience. Everyone wants WhatsApp should be completely fast and secure. You should try it for free and faster.

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Does Gbwhatsapp work better than a simple one?

Ans: Yes, Gbwhatsapp works better than a simple app and provides all those facilities that a user wants for a better experience.

Can Gbwhatsapp help to send Large files?

Ans: Yes, it helps to send and download large files such as videos, images, and documents in a quick and fast way.

Does it protect our Data and privacy?

Ans: Yes, It will completely protect your data and privacy and save you from malware and junk.