How To Open Apk Files On iPhone

Android apps have been a boon to smartphones. It has literally changed the way we use our phones and how we use certain important applications. For people who love using apps, Android is a platform that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Can you install APK on iPhone?

One cannot deny the fact that Apple does have an upper hand when it comes to iOS apps as compared to Android. Android does not have a centralized app store like Apple’s App Store. Google Play store has many loopholes which allow anyone to publish an app.


On the other hand, Apple ensures stringent criteria before they make it to the iOS apps list. This is why there are only around 700k (iOS) apps as compared to 1 million (Android).

The difference in Android and iOS

This difference in the number of apps does not mean that Android is inferior to iOS.

There are certain things that iOS cannot do and there are also things that Android can but iOS cannot. This is exactly why users might find an Android app better than its iOS counterpart, just because it caters to his/her needs better.

One thing which the iOS store does have is a better app management system. One cannot deny the fact that it can be really annoying to organize apps on an Android phone. This problem becomes more pronounced when you have too many apps installed on your device.

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The next thing which makes managing apps so much easier is trying to install APK files on your iPhone.

Well, the good news is that you do not have to go about installing APK files on your iPhone by any means.

We will be discussing different techniques which can help you run Android apps without having to install an alternate app store. Let us look at two very popular methods for doing so – using Bluestacks and using Nox App Player.

Different Methods of How to Open Apk Files on iPhone

Bluestacks is the most popular emulator for running Android apps on an iPad or an iPhone. It has a similar interface as that of Android, making it easier for users to adapt to this new environment. However, one major drawback with Bluestacks is that you cannot download it directly.

The official Bluestacks website only lets you download it for Windows and Mac computers. However, users can still get their hands on the latest version of this software by following some simple steps.

Here is how to install Bluestacks on your iPhone without any hassles:

1. First off, you need to head to Bluestacks downloader.

2. This website will ask you to enter your email ID and then click on Download Now. You need to ensure that you are downloading the file from this website only.

3. After pressing the download now button, it should automatically detect whether you wish to download Bluestacks for Windows or Mac computers. If you want to download it for PC, then make sure you select the appropriate option.

4. The downloading process will begin immediately after you have selected the right version of the software for your device.

5 . After Bluestacks has been downloaded on your computer, connect your iPhone with your computer and open iTunes.

6 . Now, go to Apps and ensure that you are creating a backup of all your applications.

7. After creating a backup for all the apps on your iPhone, disconnect it from your iTunes account and launch Bluestacks on your computer.

8 . You should be prompted to either log in with an existing Google ID or create a new one.

9 . If you already have a Google ID, then make sure you enter the same when prompted to do so. Else, create a new one and use it for logging in to Bluestacks.

10. After launching Bluestacks on your computer, leave all the default settings as they are and allow it to download some apps

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