Can I Delete Apk Files?

Yes, you can delete apk files from your phone. Read the blog carefully and follow the instructions to proceed.

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can i delete apk files?

What Is A Apk?

Hi, Okay so first of all what is an APK file? It’s basically the file format of android application files. Every time you install an app on your device it will be in a .apk format which can then be installed.

Can I Delete Apk Files On My Android Phone

So how do I delete apk files from my android? I’m guessing that there are apps that are already installed on your phone. You can’t delete apk files that are preinstalled but you can remove apps from the device once they are already installed.

To delete files go to Settings>Apps. Find the app, click it, and then you will see three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen. Click them and choose Disable. This will remove the app from your device.


If you want to uninstall an app that is already enabled, you just need to do the same process but instead of Disable, you choose Uninstall.

You can also come across apps that install their own files when they are installed. For example, Whatsapp has one .txt file and two folders in the System32 folder.

These .txt and folders can’t be removed but you can remove their files which will not affect the app itself. This is just to let you know that removing system apps or any other apps, won’t affect the running of your device even if they are preinstalled as long as they aren’t disabled nor uninstalled.

Where Are Apk Files Stored?

Anyways these apk files are stored in your file manager/downloads or you can delete them from your home screen also.

home screen

If you do find apk files on your device and want to delete them, it’s best that you check their function or app before deleting them.

For example, if the apk is for a game then there would be no point in deleting it because it will not be compatible with another game. And most importantly if the apk isn’t preinstalled on the device then you will need to do some research on how to get your apps in that particular file type otherwise it won’t work.

Where Do You Put Apk Files On Android?

I suggest downloading app installers from the Google Play Store so you know they are safe to use or use safe websites if you want to get modded Apks from other websites.

I would like to recommend you to download some of apk modded/premium from this site APK High, which is a secure website providing the finest ads-less Apk software applications for mobiles with a fast download.

So if the apk files you want to delete are not preinstalled or games, then simply delete them and they will be removed from your phone.