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The game takes the familiar voxel-based world of Minecraft and adds new elements that allow players to completely change their experience.

Block Craft 3D

Block craft Mod introduces many unique features through carefully designed prefabricated ‘blocks’ that can be placed in existing worlds or used to generate unique maps.

The mod also contains blocks that can be used to create new game modes, such as Point Capture and Capture the Flag. Moreover get unlimited gems in this mod apk.

Block Craft Mod is designed to allow for easy user-created content through ‘recipes’, which are essentially prefabricated recipes for certain items or blocks (e.g., walls) that can be placed without the use of commands. Hence, you can win easily without any strategy.

Blockcraft Gameplay

Block Craft Mod is designed to be highly configurable, allowing users to turn off various features that are not interesting for them. If you want to play vanilla Minecraft but with some unique additions, Blockcraft is probably for you!

The main goal of Blockcraft Mod is to introduce new gameplay features through carefully designed prefabricated ‘blocks’. Each block has a unique function that changes how you play Minecraft.

Block Building Games Free

Play block Craft a building game with superb 3d graphics for free. It is considered one of the best mobile Minecraft games. Download it now!

Some features can also be turned off via configuration file if they don’t fit your playstyle or if you just want to play Minecraft as usual.

Block Craft 3d Multiplayer

Block Craft Mod is a mod designed to extend Minecraft gameplay by creating a 3D environment to explore, modify and destroy. Play as multiplayer also, invite your friends, and enjoy their company in Block craft Mod App.

This article will take a look at the features included in Blockcraft Mod. For more extensive information about the mod, keep reading!


  • Superb 3D graphics
  • Play multiplayer
  • Free to download
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Easy to build
  • Visit your friends
  • Build your own village

Blockcraft Mod Apk

Here are a few of the features available in Blockcraft Mod:

  • The Stone Axe is a tool introduced by Blockcraft that allows you to chop down trees and mine stone-related blocks, such as cobblestone or mossy cobblestone. Since this block does not replace any existing tools, you are free to use it with any world or mod pack.
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  • The Stone Axe can also chop down leaves, which is useful if you’re playing with TreeCapitator. By default, Blockcraft Mod will only allow the Stone Axe to cut leaf blocks that have a chance of dropping saplings. You can change this behavior in the configuration file.
  • The Stone Axe cannot be upgraded in any way, since it is a starting tool for beginners. Once you get the Iron Pickaxe, you might want to start switching to that one instead!
  • The Stone Shovel can be used for digging up dirt and sand blocks into their respective items, as well as snow.


How To Level Up In Block Craft 3d?

Focus on building’s coins earning structure
Create XP earning buildings as well
Get rid of old buildings to make way for new ones
Ascend to higher areas
You can expedite building by tapping another finger to quickly run ghost blocks to actuals.

Is Block Craft 3d Safe?

Obviously, block craft is a secure app and the modded version contains some special features, but don’t worry it is reliable and safe to play.

What's new

  • Superb 3D graphics
  • Play multiplayer
  • Free to download
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Easy to build
  • Visit your friends
  • Build your own village



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